The Power Legacy 1.1

The Power Legacy 1.1


 Meet Tatiana Power. She is quite cheerful and outgoing. Her friends would describe her as a “bro”. She loves hanging out, watching sports, and being the life of the party. She’s on her way to becoming a world famous comedian. What she doesn’t know is that she is the start of a new legacy in her world. She is the founder of the Power family.


     Once Tatiana purchased her new lot in Oasis Springs, she realized she didn’t have much left in the coffer to actually build on that lot. 

“Probably should have thought about that before I signed all the papers.” 

     With the remaining $1,800 simoleons, she purchased a few things she thought necessary; a decent bed since she knew the importance of sleep, a toilet, and a camper’s shower. 

“I can always get food at the local community centers, but I should be at work before I need that anyways.” 

     Tatiana quickly applied at the nearby comedy lounge and began working as the club’s emcee.


     Tatiana spent a lot of time in the community library working on her comedy routines and enjoying a roof over her head. She watched old videos of comedians and checked out memes to use in her act.


     “Ooh, I’m not so sure that comedian should have said that.. especially to a pregnant woman. Oooh yeah, she just took him down!”


     Tatiana became a big part of the community and made lots of friends spending time at the library. It was a great place for her to practice her routines and work on her timing. She even became good friends with the librarians.


     She clicked with one of them almost immediately.

“Hey, I think you stole my hairstyle! I’ll let it pass since you are definitely pulling it off. Especially with your old lady cat eyes. Where can I get myself a pair?”, she joked. 

     Demetrius Russell laughed and replied, “Try the Granny Librarian Outlet. I don’t think they’ll let you in with that blue hair though.”


     The two quickly became friends. Making jokes and hanging out every time Tatiana was at the library.


     Since Tatiana spent so much time at the library, she felt she had to take care of it as if she was an employee. She spent a lot of time fixing their computers and toilets.


     But all that handy work helped her out at home since her bottom-of-the-line home appliances were always breaking down. She never zapped herself once!


     “Ugh, all these long nights and many hours at the library are killing me! I think I’ll just quit and become a gardener like everyone else!” Luckily, she didn’t quit because the next day she got promoted to comedic guest. 

“Oh man! Now I actually have to have routines and not just one line jokes about the actual comedians!” Better get to work Tatiana.


     With her new raise, she was able to purchase a couple additional walls and an actual door. She traded in her old bed for a TV and refrigerator. She watched the news for inspiration for her act but she found the children shows much more addicting.


     Tatiana tried to earn more cash during her off hours so she could purchase a few more walls.


     But she was having trouble finding the right audience and was not exactly reeling in as much cash as she needed.


     At least she found some more friends to hang out with who knew how to make a hot meal! “So much better than cereal or yogurt. God, I need a stove.”

“Hey so, is there like a community wardrobe I don’t know about? Are ya’ll workers at a paint shop? What’s up with the matching outfits?” Tatiana, hopefully you’ll never have to wear such an outfit.


     Tatiana continued to work on her material at the library and her friendship grew deeper with Demetrius. “You know, Demetrius, I bet you could get a lot of ladies if you worked out just a little. Why don’t we go to the gym together? It could be a lot of fun!”

     Demetrius agreed to go out with her and they decided to meet up at the Oasis Spring gym the next day.

“Hey, Demetrius. Do you ever think of death…as a workout buddy?”

   Demetrius and Tatiana enjoyed working out together but Tatiana was serious about making Demetrius a stud muffin. She thought he needed more motivation so she called over the gym trainer.


     However the gym trainer took that as an invitation to yell at Tatiana instead. “You call those legs?! Run those chicken bones until there’s actual meat on them! Faster! Faster!”

“Okay! I’m running! No need to be so rude!”, Tatiana cried.


“Hey Tatiana, that sure was a fun date. I really can’t wait to go out with you again.”

“Wait. What?”


     A few weeks later, Demetrius came over to Tatiana’s “house”.

“My roommates kicked me out! I can’t believe those bastards. And on top of that, I lost my job at the library because I was sleeping there. My coworkers were my roommates! You’d think they’d understand after what they did. I don’t know what to do! Those..those..”


“Hey! I got an idea. If you got another job, it’d be really helpful for me to have that extra income. Why don’t you move in with me? Think of it like camping! With your best friend! I promise I’ll get some extra walls for a decent bathroom before you move in.”

“I don’t know. This place is kind of sad. Like, I’d rather be arrested for sleeping at the library kind of sad.”

“I swear I’ll get some additional walls! Please!”


   “Okay. I won’t move in though until that happens.”


Before Demetrius left, Tatiana took her chance and planted one right on his lips. Demetrius was taken back but enjoyed the kiss anyways. He did worry about moving into a shack with a girl who might be wanting to start a relationship with him though. “Can’t be too bad. She’s very pretty and works very hard. I bet it won’t be a shack for long.” Where was he going to stay anyways?


     Tatiana kept her promise and built an additional bathroom. Demetrius moved in and got a job as in the tech field. He had done some programming for the library’s database and thought he’d enjoy programming as a career. What else lies in store for Demetrius and Tatiana? Will Tatiana make another move or will they cool the relationship and stay friends? Will the two ever get a kitchen? Thanks for reading!


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