The Power Legacy 1.2

The Power Legacy 1.2

Tatiana Power and Demetrius were now roommates and were enjoying the company. Unfortunately for Demetrius, they had to go to the library often to prepare for their careers but with all their hard work, the two were climbing their career ladders quickly. With all the new income and raises they were able to turn their shack into a home. Of course it was still quite…cozy. Now they had a small kitchenette, a couch, and a new bed instead of a camper. They still didn’t have a separate bedroom and the appliances were constantly breaking but they made due.


“Demetrius, do you ever feel like Death is always behind you, ready to strike at any moment?”

“Oh Tati, you can’t live your life that way. Did it just get a little colder?”


Through the struggles, Tatiana and Demetrius fell deeply in love. One was always there for the other. Their work schedules didn’t leave them much time to hang out but Tatiana would always wake up to find breakfast made and a sweet note or Demetrius would come home from work and find a new book bought for him and dinner made. Whenever they had a day off they would spend their time together making the most of it.


Tatiana still had time to hang out with her old friends from the library and the park. She was less embarrassed to host now because she wasn’t slumming it anymore. Although her friends still weren’t very impressed. “You know Tatiana, if you wanted to just sit on a couch, we could have done that somewhere.. nicer, like with a coffee bar or a TV.”


No, Demetrius did not go crazy or become a wealthy fisherman. He did, however, get promoted to Development Captain at his company and this is his new uniform. I guess the Captain title explains the hat but I don’t know what’s with the blue tux top and pink jeans. “Pretty sly for a white guy.”


Tatiana found a way to make her cash flow grow and work on her material. Innocently inviting friends over and trapping them as her audience. At least she was able to keep her prisoners laughing.


A year later, Demetrius and Tatiana had built themselves a quaint little house and had established themselves in their careers. Demetrius decided it was time to take their relationship further.

“Tati, you lit up that dark library with your smiles and laughs and with that, you also lit up my life. I’ve loved being your best friend and I can’t imagine going through life with anyone but you. Tatiana Power, will you marry me?”


“Oh my god, Demetrius! Of course! Of course I’ll marry you! I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Tati.”

Tatiana and Demetrius did not want to wait very long nor did they want to spend too much money for a ceremony. They had a small private ceremony at their favorite park.

“Tati, I’m so excited to become your husband and partner in crime. I will be with you until I die. You looked past my granny eyes and saw a person in me that was worthwhile. I thank you for making me believe in myself.”

“Oh Demetrius, I should have read more in that library. You’re such a wordsmith. I love you so much. So much, Demetrius.”


With that they were married. Both were excited to start a family and with the small amount they had saved from their small wedding, they built a small child’s room in preparation.


“Oh my god! Demetrius, so remember how we said we wanted to have a baby? Remember when we built the crib and the nursery? Remember how you told your friends you were excited to become a dad?”


“Well, you’re a father! I’m pregnant, Demetrius.”

“What?! Oh my god, Tati, why didn’t you just lead with that? I thought bad news was coming! Oh my god, oh my god! I’m a dad! I’m a dad!”

“I love you, Demetrius!”

“I love you! Of course, I love you, Tati!”


Wanting to not just feed her kid McDonald’s and Taco Bell, Tatiana tried her hand at cooking. Needless to say she was finding her talent as a chef to be quite limited. “Come. On. Bread! Why are you sticking?! You’re literally just bread!”


Demetrius constantly cuddled up to Tatiana and rubbed her belly. He didn’t care about Tatiana’s cooking. He didn’t care if she just laid in bed all day as long as she was happy. He was so proud of his wife. She was handling the pregnancy quite well and even still went to work. In fact, she was becoming quite popular because she was pregnant. Many people wanted to come see the pregnant comedian curse and rant.


One day, while Demetrius was at work, Tatiana started experiencing some intense pains. “Ooh. Demetrius! Demetrius! I guess he already left. I think the baby’s coming. Ooh it hurts. It hurts.” Scared of giving birth alone, Tatiana went to the hospital where she gave birth to a beautiful girl.


“Welcome to the world, Angel Power. I can’t wait for you to meet your father. He loves you so much.”


Demetrius came home as quick as he could. He ran in and immediately picked up his new baby girl. He swore to protect her as best he could. His heart was exploding with joy. “I love you, Angel.”

That’s it for Chapter 2. So much has happened but there’s still more in store for the Power family.


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