The Power Legacy 1.3

The Power Legacy 1.3


We last left our family after the birth of their baby girl, Angel Power. Tatiana quickly returned to work, using her family life as an inspiration for her comedy act. Demetrius worked from home, offering to watch over Angel.


Before they knew it, Angel was a young girl ready to enter school and start blazing her own trail through life. Angel was a young girl who appreciated art and loved to talk about it. She was a social butterfly and wanted as many friends as possible.


Though her mom was the professional jokester, Angel believed her dad was a riot. He was always teasing her and landing corny punchlines, making her throw her head back in laughter. She missed him when she started going to school but she missed her mom more. Because Tatiana took the stage at night, she only had a few hours a day with Angel.


Angel loved bringing friends over to meet her parents and play with her toys. This worried her parents who feared that Angel might get teased about her home. They tried to encourage Angel to play at her much wealthier friend’s houses or the parks but Angel who always say, “If they are mean because of my things then why would I want to be their friend?”. Angel was wise beyond her years and this made her parents so proud.



One day Angel told her best friend, Johnny to come over and play. He had been over many times and never teased her. He loved her craft table and her superhero toys. She loved his imagination and quotes from cartoon shows she couldn’t watch.



“Hey Johnny, where did my dad’s stuff go?”

“What stuff?”

“I don’t know what it was. It was just computer stuff. He uses it for work. We’re not allowed to play with it.”

“I wasn’t playing with it. I don’t know what you’re even talking about. I have to go home now.” Johnny quickly walked out.

Angel had a feeling Johnny was lying but didn’t want to make him mad. She had seen him go into her parent’s room while she was getting juice boxes. She didn’t want Johnny to get in trouble though. His mom was a bit of a hothead. Maybe her dad decided to take his stuff to work?


“Hey Dad, did you take your big computer stuff to work with you?”, Angel asked when he got home that night.

“No. That stuff needs to stay here. It helps me when I’m not at the office. Why?”

Angel gulped. Tears started to form in her eyes. She didn’t want to tell on her best friend but now she was going to get in trouble! Why would Johnny do that? Demetrius put the dolls down and looked at his daughter. She was clearly upset. Something must have happened.

“Those things aren’t important anyways. I can always get some more from work. I never explained what they were so you didn’t realize how Dad used them. It’s okay.” Demetrius shrugged his shoulders. They were a little important but not enough to make his daughter cry. “It’s time for bed, Angel. Why don’t you go brush your teeth? I love you.”

“I love you too, Daddy.” Angel wiped her eyes and gave her dad a hug. She felt better about the computer discs, but she had this feeling that she had lost a friend. What if Johnny had taken something important?


Over the next few days, Angel avoided Johnny and hung out with some other friends. It wasn’t too hard since Johnny seemed to be avoiding her as well. That made Angel sad but she was glad they didn’t have to have a long fallout. Monday night was her favorite night. Both of her parents were home and didn’t have anywhere to be so they would have dinner together.

“Ugh. Dad. What did you put in these pancakes?! They taste like burnt chalk!”

“Angel, I worked really hard on these. I didn’t have all the ingredients so I had to make a few substitutes but I still made a delicious dinner! Be nice.”

“Yeah Angel, sweetie, they can’t be THAT bad. Here let’s try with some butter.”


“Oh! Oh! I was wrong! Butter did not help! Burnt chalk! Burnt chalk! Angel, run and get Mom some water! A whole jug!”

“See, Mom! I told you! I wasn’t being mean. I was being truthful!”

“Oh whatever, you two. You’re just being dramatic, especially you, Tati!”


“Okay. They are pretty bad. I’m sorry. I guess baking powder shouldn’t substitute for flour. I failed!”


“Oh hush. Now who’s being dramatic? I got it! Let’s just order a pizza! Perfect family dinner!”

“See you later, horrible experiment from Dad’s mind basement!” Angel giggled.


That night Angel was woken up in the middle of the night by an eerie sound. She turned on her night lamp and looked around. Then she peered under her bed. There was a tentacle monster! Angel was brave. She had seen several kids movies where monsters are just misunderstood creatures who just want a friend. Maybe she could be that friend! She jumped off her bed and knelt next to the monster’s possible arms or legs.

“Hey there! Did you smell the pizza we had tonight? I bet that’s why you’re waking me up, huh? Did you want some of that pizza? It’s pepperoni. Are you lactose intolerant?”

The monster gargled and spat at Angel. Then it lurched a tentacle forward and hit Angel in the knee. SMACK! Angel jumped up. Wow, that really hurt! This monster was not misunderstood. It was definitely not friendly.


Angel ran screaming to her mother who immediately jumped out of bed. However, Tatiana was less enthusiastic when she heard it was a “monster”. She had seen this “Monster Spray” going around online as a way to help scared kids. She pulled out the Febreeze and marched into Angel’s room. She tried looking mighty as she sprayed random places under the bed. Finally, Angel settled down.


“Thanks, Mom. You’re the best ever.”

“I’ll spray down thousands of monsters for you, Angel. Nothing will ever hurt you.”


Angel tried her best to draw the monster to show her dad what her awesome mom destroyed. She missed having Johnny over. He was a great drawer. If she told him what it was, he could have certainly drawn it without breaking a sweat. Well, if he could do it, she could too, right?


“Hey, good-looking.”Demetrius winked at Tatiana. “What are you doing here all by yourself?”

“Just waiting for my main man.”

“Well I was thinking, Angel is old enough. I think maybe she would like having a sibling to play with.”


“Demetrius, are you kidding me? Our schedules are terrible! We’re lucky Angel is so mature. Plus we could barely afford a room for her! You want to add another child into this mess?! Look, we were blessed with Angel but I think we’ll be in over our heads if we have another baby. Especially at our age!”

“Are you saying I’m old?!”


Tatiana giggled and put her arm around Demetrius.

“I love you so much. I just think things are perfect the way they are.”

“You’re right, Tati. I just miss having a baby around. Angel is so mature. She barely needs us. Soon she’ll demanding independence!”

“Well I bet she’ll always a daddy’s girl.”


The next day while Tatiana was at work, Demetrius sat down to dinner with his daughter.

“She really is growing up fast. She looks so much like me but she definitely has her mother’s intellect. Tati was right. We were really lucky to have her.” He thought.

“I love you, Angel, and I will always be here for you. So will your mother. You know that right?” He asked.

“Of course, Daddy. I love you guys too!” Angel smiled.


Unfortunately for Angel, her friendship adventures were still not going well. She had let her friend, Kash, come over to play but made a mistake in leaving him alone.



“Kash! I loved that dollhouse! I can’t get another one! My parents can’t buy me another!”

“I’m sorry. I just.. I just couldn’t get the door to close in the bedroom and I got I smashed the door and then the whole thing just collapsed!”


“Kash, I can’t invite you over anymore if you’re going to damage my things! That’s mean. Mrs. Penny always tells us that if we get mad, we should take a break and count to ten. Did you try to count?”

“No. I’ve never heard of that. It sounds dumb though. You should just have a dollhouse that works.”

Angel sighed. At first she thought she could forgive Kash but now he didn’t seem so sorry. Maybe they could just stay friends at school. Maybe she should start going to her friend’s houses like her parents said.

“Look Kash, you can’t come over anymore. I’m sorry. I think you need to go home.”

Kash left quickly and slammed the front door as he left. Angel didn’t like hurting his feelings but she was just trying to help him. It wasn’t her fault that he didn’t want to listen.


Daddy Demetrius to the rescue! He was able to fix it up like new. He even fixed the troublesome bedroom door. It only cost him a few nicks on his fingers.


A couple years later, Angel had a good friend, Deandre. They had met at the Oasis Spring park when she forced him to play Space Pirate with her. Since then they were thick as thieves. She even trusted him to come over to her house. One day he had invited her to his birthday party. That’s how they figured out they had the same birthday! They begged their parents to host a double birthday and they agreed. The party was to be held at Deandre’s house and there was going to be vanilla cake. Finally, the day had arrived. The Power family showed up in their best party wear and a gift for the birthday kids. Angel left Deandre blow out the candles first. She watched him grow up into a giant teenager! Suddenly, she was very nervous. What if she was an ugly teenager? What if she lost her friends? Her parents said she was “socially gifted”, whatever that meant but she still didn’t want to lose her friends. What if she didn’t like what she changed into?


Deandre called her to the cake. It was her turn to grow up. It was time to answer all her questions.

This is where I will leave this chapter. For the record, to get my heir’s names, I am just letting the random name generator within the game decide. As for their traits, I am using the Legacy challenge trait generator found here. Thanks for reading!


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