The Power Legacy 1.4

The Power Legacy 1.4


Turns out, Angel enjoyed being a teenager. “Deandre! Come take a selfie with me! It’s our birthday!”


She was still close to her friends and she was still the good-natured, art loving girl that loved to draw.
Thanks for everything, Deandre! You’re my best friend. We can’t let high school change us!”
Don’t be silly, Angel. We’ll stay friends forever.”


One thing did change for Angel. She didn’t try very hard in elementary school focusing her efforts on her friendships and art. She was never in trouble but it didn’t prepare her for high school. As a result, she had to depend on tutoring from her parents. She was determined to become an A student. Ever since Tatiana reached the top of her career, she zeroed in on Angel and her school performance. It was very important to Tatiana that her child be successful in life.


Demetrius had retired from his profession and stayed at home more often. He was working on independent projects that gave him more time and enough money to take care of his family. While Tatiana focused on Angel’s grades, he focused on leaving Angel with enough inheritance. They were worried about how much time they had left.


Angel herself wasn’t too concerned about her parent’s well-being. Not that she didn’t care. She was busy being a teenager. She was practicing her yoga routine when her best friend, Deandre came over. Angel had started to really enjoy Deandre’s company. She thought he was funny, smart, and even cute. Was it normal to think about kissing your best friends?


Soooo Deandre, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies later? Ahh, I’m just going to do a quick stretch here…”


Angel, I’m actually here to talk to you about something. I.. I.. Well. I think you’re really cool and..”
Yeah?!” Angel tried not to sound too excited. What was he going to say?
I.. I like you a lot. Like more than a friend. I like-like you. Oh god! I shouldn’t have said anything! Let’s still be friends, I’m sorry!” Deandre jumped up and started to leave.
Deandre, wait!”


Angel leaned forward and kissed Deandre.
I like-like you too. I want to be more than friends. You’re so cool and funny. You’re nice and smart too unlike all the other dumb boys out there.”
So, are we boyfriend and girlfriend now?” Deandre asked trying to hide the joy that was seeping from his words.
I guess so.” Angel replied, not bothering to try to keep her cool.


Her freshman year, Angel had enrolled in Art. She loved the class but chose to focus on her studies more the following years. Her senior year, Angel was a well established A-student so she decided to re-enroll in Art. Her teacher loved her work and told her she had great potential. Angel was finding she enjoyed painting the most. She still loved photography and sketching but there was something about bring a white canvas to life with the stroke of a brush. She invested in an easel and sold her paintings at the flea market on the weekends.


One weekend while she was away, tragedy struck. Demetrius and Tatiana were enjoying one of their favorite movies when Tatiana felt some pain in her chest. “Demetrius, I think it’s time. I won’t make it to the hospital.”, she gasped.

What? Tatiana, no! Please let me call an ambulance!”, Demetrius shot up from the couch but before he could reach the phone, Tatiana grabbed his hand. She stood up and stroked his cheek. She looked into his eyes. “I will always love you. Please tell Angel that she meant the world to me.”, Tatiana rubbed a tear from Demetrius’ cheek and collapsed with a sigh.

Death! I swear if you take Tatiana from me, I will live the rest of my life finding a way to fight you! You will never see the inside of this house again!”, Demetrius roared.


His threats fell upon deaf ears however, and Death took Tatiana’s soul and replaced her body with her urn. Demetrius felt short of breath. What was happening? The front door opened and Angel walked in with her boyfriend of three years, Deandre Small.

Dad?! DAD! Where’s Mom?! What happened?”

Demetrius just looked at her. Without a whisper, he hit the floor. Angel ran to him but he was already gone.


Dad! Dad, please don’t! What happened? WHAT HAPPENED? I need you. I can’t..I can’t..Please wake up! Wake up!”, Angel was crying hysterically. Deandre reached down and picked her up. She cried into his shoulder. Death hadn’t even bothered to leave yet. Death turned and started to get to work on Demetrius’ soul. Angel started to open her mouth to say something but Death raised it’s hand and wagged it’s finger. It was too late. She had to accept that. She turned back into Deandre’s chest.


Deandre’s parents helped Angel with a small funeral. They took pity on her, how was a teenager supposed to plan her parent’s funeral? Angel made a nice plot in their lot for them and had some trees planted. She had put them to rest but she still felt a terrible loneliness. She would still wake at night from a nightmare, her pillows wet with her sobs. They were all she had and all she knew. She had never even experienced a break up or a relative dying and now both her parents were gone forever.


Her art teacher had suggested she take her pain and try to put it on a canvas. Angel found this difficult. Lifting the brush was enough of a challenge now and her teacher expected a Picasso?! She found herself spending most of her days in bed. Deandre tried to make her stay with him but she couldn’t handle the commotion of his family-packed house. She would see him interact with his parents and get angry. It wasn’t Deandre’s fault but she couldn’t help but take her jealousy out on him. She knew it was best to avoid his house. Angel graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA but it felt like a hollow victory. The people she had worked so hard for were gone. Where was her direction now?


We say goodbye to Tatiana Power and Demetrius Power (formerly Demetrius Russell).

Tatiana achieved her lifetime goal of becoming a Joke Star and had mastered the skills of Charisma and Comedy. She was on her way to mastering cooking and her handiness and having a successful lineage. Tatiana was always Cheerful, Outgoing, and a Bro. She was also Hilarious, Gregarious, Entrepreneurial, and Frugal. She will be missed greatly by her daughter, Angel Power.

Demetrius Power worked his whole life but sadly never reached his goal of becoming fabulously wealthy but he did leave a nice sized inheritance for his daughter. While working on his goal, he mastered his programming and video game skills and was on his way to mastering his comedy and handiness skill. Demetrius was always cheerful, neat, and known to be a bookworm. He was also business savvy. He died minutes after his wife, as if they were destined to never be apart. He will be missed greatly by his daughter, Angel Power.


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