The Power Legacy 2.5

The Power Legacy 2.5


Cassiel and Paolo were two newlyweds deeply in love. They were having so fun being together, going on several dates. Paolo had long ago achieved his goal of becoming a bodybuilder (as did Cassiel) and had decided it was time to stop taking life seriously. He quit his job and moved on to being the life of the party. Cassiel had wanted to focus her attentions on their relationship and then have a successful family. After they got married, Cassiel wanted to get pregnant right away.


Deandre and Angel were making the most of their time together. Due to his age, Deandre was asked to retire and then spent his time helping Angel sell her paintings.


A few weeks later, Cassiel’s wish came true. She was so excited to share the news with Paolo, she didn’t even wait for him to wake up. She shoved pancakes under Paolo’s nose and started rambling right away. Paolo honestly didn’t hear a word until she was almost done two minutes later, “and we’ll have to have the crib in our room for a while, okay?”. Paolo looked at Cassiel who was wide-eyed and obviously waiting for an answer.


“PAOLO! We’re having a baby!”

Paolo woke up then. Now it was real. He was going to be a dad. Paolo started planning his baby shower.


Once Cassiel was in her second semester, she told her parents. They were ecstatic about the news. Deandre pulled her in a big hug. Cassiel felt how weak her father was getting. She started to worry if he’d make it to see his grandchild.


Deandre was the perfect, excited grandpa. He loved rubbing on Cassiel’s belly and singing to the unborn baby. Cassiel laughed at how high his voice would get when he was talking to her belly.


One day, Marcus came over to visit his favorite family and his ex-roommate. Cassiel was delighted to show him her new body.

“Wow, Cas! Have you been eating a lot of donuts!?”, Marcus teased.


Cassiel laughed and lightly slapped Marcus’ hand.

“No in seriousness Cas, I’m really happy for you. And Paolo! Wow man, you’re a dad! You’ve really grown.”, Marcus shook Paolo’s hand. “Can I feel the baby?”

“Of course, Marcus!”, Cassiel grabbed Marcus’ hands and placed them where the baby kicked most often. She was beaming and she loved over at Paolo, who was smiling down at her with pride. This is what happiness meant to Cassiel.


On that same day, Deandre and Angel had decided to visit Tatiana and Demetrius. They knew their time was coming and they wanted to take this time to reflect on their lives and the effect of death on a family.

“At least we get to see a grandchild, Angel, and there might not have been a wedding but we get to see Cassiel in a happy marriage.”, Deandre said. Angel just nodded and squeezed his hand. She was holding back tears and couldn’t get past the rock in her throat to reply. Deandre decided it was time to go home. He started leading Angel out.


Deandre’s hand slipped from Angel’s and he laid down. He didn’t hurt, he just felt weak. He couldn’t stand or even sit. He couldn’t even keep his eyes open anymore. He closed his eyes and then he felt weightless. He felt comfortable.


“Please, please don’t take him yet! We have a grandchild coming any day! Just let him meet them before you take him!”, Angel begged. Death stood in front of Angel (She couldn’t tell if Death was looking at her) and then turned away.


Angel was devastated. Her heart was ripped out again. Her parents had left her long before she was ready and now the love of her life was gone before they got to spend their days loving their grandchild. Deandre had been her voice of reason for so long and now she just heard silence.


Tragically, the day after the funeral, Cassiel started going into labor. Of course, Paolo was nowhere to be found and his phone was off. Cassiel started yelling for her mom who ran her to the hospital.


While Cassiel was sleeping after hours of labor, Angel held her new granddaughter for the very first time. “Hello, Parker Power. I’m Angel, your grandma. I love you so much.”


When Cassiel woke up, she got to hold her new baby girl, Parker. Her heart was filled with joy as she looked into Parker’s eyes. “I will never let you down, Parker, I promise.”



Angel busied herself making repairs around the house. Her days were hard without Deandre around. It was even hard to be around Cassiel for she reminded Angel so much of Deandre.

Angel still spent her time painting as well. Nothing took her mind more than the paintbrush. It was hard for her to come up with a concept but once she did, she couldn’t stop until it was completed.


Angel was also a great babysitter to Parker, her grandchild. Angel loved holding her and taking care of her.


Cassiel and Paolo still kept up their dating life. They were at a new lounge uptown enjoying the bar and a night out. Cassiel had been working hard lately and needed a break and Paolo wanted to scout the location for a possible party.


Angel was painting near Parker like she did when Cassiel was a baby when her chest started hurting. She felt all the oxygen leave the room. She needed to lay down, she needed to breathe. She sat down and saw Parker’s crib. No, she couldn’t sit down, she needed to get to Parker. Parker needed to be safe. Angel tried to stand up but her arms were shaking and her knees were weak. She couldn’t get to Parker. She looked for her cell phone. It wasn’t in her pocket or her shirt. Where was it? Her arms hurt, her chest was on fire, she couldn’t feel her legs anymore. She couldn’t stop though, she needed her phone. Finally, she spotted it under her dresser. She reached for it and dialed 911. The operator was the last thing she heard but she was content because she knew help was on the way.

Cassiel was alerted by the police and she and Paolo raced home. Parker was safe but Angel was already gone. Cassiel and Paolo had to start planning her funeral and now, Cassiel was the head of her household.


Cassiel wept for her parents. She had always assumed they’d be there for her. She regretted how little time she spent with them. She wanted them to grow with Parker. Cassiel stayed mourning her parents until Paolo called her home. “We’ll miss your parents but you have to be here for Parker now. Show Parker what her grandparents were like.”


We say goodbye to Generation 2, Angel Power and Deandre Power (Formly Deandre Small).

Angel achieved her lifetime goal of having a successful lineage and had mastered the skills of Painting and Handiness. Angel was socially gifted because of her childhood. She was an art lover, creative, and good. She was also close to her family members, Deandre and Cassiel. She will be missed greatly by her daughter, Cassiel Power.

Deandre Power worked his whole life but sadly never reached his goal of becoming fabulously wealthy but he did build a two story house for his family and became a professional athlete. While working on his goal, he mastered the fitness and charisma skills. Deandre was a goofball who loved nature. Like his wife, he was also good. He died a few days before meeting his granddaughter, Parker Power but he was excited to be a grandfather. He will be missed by his daughter.


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