The Power Legacy 3.3

The Power Legacy 3.3


A couple years later, Parker was trying to take of herself the way a true adult would, by making herself breakfast. She was turning 18 that evening and was excited to move on to the adult things. Boys, for example. She couldn’t wait to get married and have her own family. She drifted through high schools listening to her friends talk about their boyfriends and girlfriends. They were always complaining and whining about their problems. Parker didn’t want any part of that, she wanted love and knew waiting would be right.


Paolo wasn’t one to turn down a party so he called up his old friends and had Parker invite over her pals. Cassiel made a cake for Parker with her favorite flavors and sprinkles. Later in the evening, Parker blew out her candles but she didn’t stick around for the after party.


Parker had a goal in mind and she couldn’t reach it just sitting around at home. She went to her favorite local ice cream shoppe and hung out around outside hoping to see some cute potential boyfriends. Unfortunately, the shop happened to be closed at that time and it took Parker a full thirty minutes to realize that. She decided to try a more appropriate venue.


While Parker was walking into a new nightclub she bumped into someone. Someone cute, she thought. “Oh oops, hello. I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

“That’s alright.”

“So have you been here before? This is my first time at a night club so I’m a little nervous.”

“Oh, well you can hang out with me. I love this place. I can show you some dance moves.”


“That’d be great! My name is Parker.”, Parker was elated. Her flirting was going so well!

“I’m Dominic. My wife’s inside already, would you like to meet her?”

“Oh. Um, yeah sure.”

Well so much for Dominic, thought Parker.


Inside, Parker met Dominic’s wife and some of his friends inside the club but she wasn’t really interested in getting to know them. She was on a mission and not a friendly one. The club was virtually dead though. There were some people she knew from high school and Dominic’s dancing group but not much else. Parker was getting a little desperate and didn’t want the night to be a waste. She thought maybe the DJ would be cute under the mask.

“So hey, do you just stay back here all night? Why don’t you come dance?”, Parker put on her best seduction face but the DJ just shook his head and kept spinning. Parker was worn out. She slumped her shoulders all the way home. Finding a guy is going to be harder than she thought.


Meanwhile, Paolo had met one of Parker’s friends at the birthday party. She was quite a feisty redhead. He thought she’d be a good “friend” to Zane so he pointed her in his direction.

“Hey! You’re Zane, right? Parker’s little bro? What up! I’m Morgan.”

“Oh, uh. Hi. Yeah, I’m Zane. I go to your school. I think you’re in my math class, actually.”

“Seriously? I can’t believe I haven’t noticed you before.”

“Oh, I like to keep to myself.”

Paolo was listening to their conversation. He was pretty sure he heard sparks flying. He snickered at his successful matchmaking.


“So, that cake didn’t really do much to fill me up. Do you want to go get some food?”, Morgan asked.

“Sure, I think I know a few places.”

Zane was nervous. He thought Morgan was pretty intimidating. Did she just ask him out on a date? He hoped not. But why was he? Did he not find her cute? He tried not to think too much about it. It was better to just focus on the pizza.


Parker was still trying to meet her future soulmate. Now she was kind of thankful for her dad’s parties. Sometimes he invited over new people and some of them were definitely in the “fine” category. She met Nathaniel and started flirting up a storm with him. She really enjoyed his dark hair and stubbly smile.


She found her flirting time cut short by an urgent basic need so she slipped him her phone number and ran into the house claiming she had to go to work. Luckily, Nathaniel had missed her potty dance.


Parker and Nathaniel had gone out a couple times but something really wasn’t working with them. Parker didn’t have time to play games so she asked him about it straight out.

“Nathaniel, I really want to get married and have a family of my own. Be honest with me, would you be interested in settling down?”


“Look Parker, you’re cute but I can’t handle being around you. I wanted to try but you’re such a goody two shoes and it’s just so annoying. I’m just too bad boy for you.”

“Nathaniel, we can get past that. You can be a good person! I’ll help you get over your tendencies. You don’t have to stay evil!”


“Ugh, Parker, you don’t understand. You’re the one that needs to change. There’s nothing wrong with me. Whatever, I’m out.”

Parker was broken up. Nathaniel wasn’t the nicest guy and they weren’t compatible anyways. It was true. But all that time was wasted. She was already tired of dating. Where was her Prince Charming?


Morgan and Zane had been hanging out a couple months. Zane had relaxed a lot around her once he realized she wasn’t tying to date him. She was a really fun person to be around. She always had his back in school and loved to go out to new places to eat or dance. She came over and played video games or watched TV while he was practicing coding. Zane didn’t like his dad asking about their relationship though. He was trying to talk to Zane a lot about woo-hoo too and Zane definitely did not want to have that talk! Zane wanted to hang out at Morgan’s place to avoid his dad but Morgan insisted her family was much worse.


Parker was back out on the town trying to meet her Mr. Right. She had run into another handsome man, Diego, and offered to buy him a drink.


They were talking for quite a while into the night when Parker asked Diego if he was interested in going out again sometime.

“Oh honey, no. I’m in a relationship. Thanks for the drinks!”, he quipped at her.

Not again!


Parker was so discouraged she laid down on one of the couches in the club. She ended up sleeping for quite a while. The club workers felt sorry for her and let her nap while they closed up.


Zane had been working quite a bit on his coding. He started doing independent projects and making his own apps. He was finding high school dull and cutting into his programming time. He wasn’t doing well anyways but mostly because he wasn’t turning in “silly” homework assignments. Morgan had told him she thought he was smart enough without school. Maybe he didn’t need it. He could have more time for his freelance jobs. Zane looked up what he needed to do to drop out. He hoped he wouldn’t have to talk to his parents.


Parker had taken a break after a couple more dating flops. Cassiel wasn’t very impressed with Parker’s return to the canvas though. She decided to give her daughter a little scare to get her away.

“So, Parker, have you gotten a boyfriend yet? I can’t wait until I’m a grandmother. I hope I can meet my grandchild. You know how much it breaks my heart that you couldn’t meet my dad.”
“If she ever paints me like that again, she won’t get to even give me grandchildren!”



Cassiel’s plan had worked and Parker was already going out again. She had thought to explore a new neighborhood hangout spot. She needed a break from the Deigos and Dominics. She liked the vibe of this lounge. The atmosphere was definitely more flirtatious.


Maybe it was the flirty aura of the lounge but she was making eyes at a good-looking gentleman and he seemed to be enjoying it. They had a couple of drinks at the bar and were flirting like crazy.


The night kept creeping on and Parker and her new friend, Pierre, were getting more and more comfortable with each other (aka drunk). The bar was closing and she wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Luckily, he was feeling the same. He took Parker out to a breakfast cafe.


After breakfast, Parker invited him to her house. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They drunkenly made out in the kitchen then moved the party up to Parker’s room where they slept off their alcohol. When Parker woke up, she saw that Pierre had stayed. Maybe it was more than just the juice in their systems.


Things had just kept going well with Pierre. She decided to be upfront with him. They met up for a date and she told him about her plans and how serious she was about having a family. As it turns out, Pierre had felt the same! He had always dreamed about having three kids and a big house. Parker was elated.

“Pierre. I think you might be my soulmate! I.. I love you, Pierre.”

“I love you too, Parker. I’ve never felt this way about anyone. These past few months have been the best months of my life.”


Parker and Pierre were heavily in love and spending plenty of their free time together. Parker was a painter and worked during the day and Pierre worked in a restaurant during evenings. They hated being apart. Pierre got plenty of time with the family though. He hadn’t been asked to move in but he was always at the house. One day he sat down with Paolo.


“Mr. Power, I wanted to talk to you. I love your daughter and I want to be with her for the rest of my life.”


“With your blessing, sir. I’d love to marry Parker.”


“Pierre, you seem like a great guy. You want to marry my daughter? Go ahead, I give you my blessing.”


Pierre was so happy that Paolo agreed. He felt the ring burning in his pocket the whole time. He heard Parker come home from work and ran outside to greet her. He wanted to be romantic but he was just excited and feared if he didn’t propose now, he’d burst. Cassiel saw Pierre run out and followed. When she walked out, Pierre was already down on his knee. She ran back inside and watched through the windows.


“Parker, you make me want to be a better man. Please do me the honor of becoming your husband.”


“Oh Pierre, it’s beautiful. I’m so lucky to have you. I.. I.. I don’t know what to say!”, Parker’s eyes were watering.


Pierre jumped up and gave her a kiss. He wiped the tears from her face and wrapped in a big hug.

“Parker, let’s go plan our wedding!”. They laughed and ran into the house to make their big announcement.


A few months later, it was Pierre’s and Parker’s wedding day. They had a beautiful ceremony in the community park under a giant pink blooming tree. Both of their families attended and Zane even had a couple of friends over. Paolo had cried!


Parker didn’t even wait a day until she insisted Pierre take her to their bed.

“It’s time to have a little marriage fun.”. She winked at him.

I hope Parker and Pierre are able to have a big family. They really were a cute couple, all over each other! I can’t wait to see their cute kids.


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