The Power Legacy 3.4

The Power Legacy 3.4


Parker had been feeling ill for a while. She was constantly sick and fatigued. She really didn’t want to go to the doctor.


Pierre however, was suspicious of his wife’s illnesses. She had been gaining weight and requesting him to cook weird dishes. One day Parker was complaining about her weight gain when Pierre blurted while walking away, “Honey, you’re pregnant. Go to the doctor!”

Parker grimaced. She was pretty sure she’d know if she was pregnant. To prove Pierre wrong, she went to the doctor. However, Parker learned after that visit that just because it was her body, she might not know it all too well.


Parker told her family that she was indeed pregnant. Cassiel was excited and Zane pulled her in for a hug. He was thrilled to be an uncle. Once Parker had gone to the doctor, her pregnancy woes had gone away. She had gotten on a proper diet and natal vitamins. She went on maternal leave at work and got to spend more time with her husband. That also meant they had more time with Parker’s parents. Cassiel was worried about Parker. She warned the couple, “Stay together and whatever you do, do it together. When you have that baby, you will love it more than anything else but you must remember that you are a unit. Remember to show your appreciation to each other!”


“Oh Mom, I don’t think Pierre and I will have any problems like that.” Parker giggled at her partner.


Cassiel was worried about her health. The effects of old age were wearing on her. She thought it would be worth it to reconnect with her husband. His old age had changed him too and he was home more much often and loved being with his family. Cassiel felt like they were getting back to their old selves.


Another thing Cassiel made part of her dying agenda was getting Zane back in high school. He had dropped out his sophomore year with his father’s permission but Cassiel had never been so enthused.

“Zane, I just worry about you. You need an education. I want you to be successful in life!”


“Mom, I have an education! I have a skill that makes me money and high school just got in the way.”

“Just please think about it for me, Zane. I just love you.”

Zane felt guilty. He hated high school but he hated disappointing his mother as well.


Zane decided to talk to Pierre about it. Ever since Zane left high school, he stayed at home a lot more. He saw less and less of Morgan. Then he saw online that she started dating some leather jacket and then she never texted again. Pierre however, was always around and asking Zane to try his recipes. The two ended up forming a strong bond.

“I don’t know, Pierre. She just doesn’t seem to understand. I make money! I’m getting lots of experience, you know? I wouldn’t get this opportunity with high school.”


“Exactly man. Look, you know what’s best for you. Look at me. I went to high school but they didn’t teach me how to cook and now I’m way behind in my career. I mean, I’m an adult and I’m still a lowly dishwasher working all hours of the night, missing my kid and my wife. High school didn’t help me. Your mom is just old school and she enjoyed high school. She’ll understand someday.”

“Thanks, Pierre. I really appreciate it.”

Zane thought Pierre was right. He didn’t have to go back to high school but he still wasn’t ready to confront his mother about it!


“Wow, Parker! Get any bigger and you’ll have to start rolling instead of walking.”

“Gee, thanks, Mom!”


Pierre didn’t mind Parker’s big belly. In fact, he was constantly doting all over her. He couldn’t wait for their new arrival. They had already designed a room in hopes of a boy.


“You know, Cassiel. I want to talk to you about some things.”

“Oh yeah?”


“I know I wasn’t a perfect husband.”

Oh boy. You could say that again.”, thought Cassiel.

“But I want to tell you I’m sorry. I took you for granted. You were a great wife and we had a great family. If I could, I’d go back and be the husband I should’ve been but I can’t and I hope I can make it up to you in our golden years. I was just so stupid and immature. I think I was frustrated with your father and everyone’s opinion of me so I just started acting the way they thought of me. Then Parker grew up and I realized how much I had missed out on. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you and the kids. I hope I can truly become the father and the husband you wanted me to be.”


Cassiel let Paolo’s confession sink into her head. She knew she wasn’t happy all the time but she was too stubborn to quit. She wasn’t going to let her family fail even if it meant dealing with Paolo’s antics.


“I’m sorry about the way our marriage turned out. I never met to ignore you or hold you back but you were a good friend and I love you. I wanted you in my life, not just in my house.”, Cassiel said to Paolo.


“I’m so lucky to have fallen for you, Cas.”, Paolo kissed his wife.


Zane had taken Pierre’s words to heart and set out on proving to his mother that dropping out wasn’t a mistake. He had landed a job at a software company and hoped to show his mom that he could make it in the world without a high school diploma.


A month or so later, Parker was woken up by some intense pains.


“Oh god. I think the baby is here. Zane! Text Pierre and take me to the hospital!”


Zane took his laboring sister to the hospital and was by her side throughout the delivery. He was hoping Pierre could get off work soon, especially before the gross part.


Parker had given birth to a beautiful girl and named her Olive. She held the new baby in her arms and understood what her mom meant. Cassiel had told Parker and Pierre that they would love Olive more than their own lives and Parker knew that to be true.


Cassiel was very happy that she could meet her granddaughter. She had been nervously pacing the waiting room the entire time but could only feel joy as she kissed Olive all over.


Pierre hadn’t been able to make the delivery (he had threatened to quit!) but got to the hospital shortly after Olive’s birth. He was so proud to be a papa.


Having a baby had been hard on the young couple but with their alternating schedules, one of them were always there for Olive. After quite a few sleep-deprived months, Olive had started to sleep through the night and Parker and Pierre were enjoying their new energy and free time.


“You are such a beautiful goddess. My lady, may I take you to the royal chambers?”

“Oh my dear King, you may!”


A few weeks later, the Lady had some important news for her King.

“So, Pierre, I know for a fact this time. I am pregnant again! Is that exciting?!”


“Parker! We just had Olive! Are you sure? We can’t do this! We’ll be running ragged.”

“Okay. You’re just stressing out. I’m going to the doctor. You had better be in a much better position the next time we talk about this!”


A few days had past but Pierre was still having trouble with his wife being pregnant again.

“Parker, I’m serious! I don’t know if we can do this. We don’t make any money. You’re a paint brush cleaner. I’m a dishwasher, for plum’s sake! I barely see you and Olive as it is. She’s getting so big and soon she’ll be so much more of a handful. When are we going to have the time to raise these kids?”


“Pierre. You’re the one who wanted a big family. How do you think they’re made? Do you think babies pop out conveniently every five years? Look, we have my parents and we have our savings. We’ll be fine.”


Pierre wasn’t so sure. “At least,” he thought, “I can get a little calming juice and try to get a promotion.”

Haha. Pierre was legitimately shocked for a while about the new pregnancy. I’m not sure why because he does want a big happy family. Hopefully, he starts to feel better! Thanks for reading.


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