The Power Legacy 3.5

The Power Legacy 3.5

Parker Power had just found out that she was pregnant with her second child. She had told Pierre who instead of being excited, had a panic attack.


Parker told Olive about the good news.

“Hey Honey! What do you think about having a baby in the house? You could play with them and be a good big sister. What do you say?”

“Umm. That sounds okay?”



Paolo was thrilled for his daughter. He was hoping for a boy this round but he didn’t tell Parker that. Cassiel was just excited for another baby around. Olive had grown up and Cassiel missed taking care of a little infant.


Parker felt great. Everyone was so supportive. Except her husband. He was happy but he just haven’t showed it yet. He mostly cried.


Pierre was coming around to the new baby. He loved being with his little Olive. He was amazed how how fast she was growing up. He adored watching her play with her science lab. She made him happier than anything in the world and she made him madder than anyone else. She made him cry sometimes, as did this new baby. But through the emotional rides, he realized, he loved it all. Maybe a new baby wouldn’t be all bad.


“Parker, what are you doing eating in the bathroom?”

“Well, I’m pretty much sick constantly so I figured I’d just cut the extra walking.”

Poor Parker wasn’t handling pregnancy so well.


A few months later, Parker welcomed into the world her second daughter, Nylah Power. Cassiel was the first person to congratulate the new mommy.


Pierre was at work again for the delivery (why does Parker always deliver the baby at night?) but he left work early to shower his new daughter with love.

Olive loved the new addition the family.

“Hey little sister! I’m Olive, you’re Nylah! You’re a little baby but soon you’ll be big like me and I’ll show you how to use the lab set!”


“Then we can play on the pirate ship outside, oh don’t worry , it’s not a real pirate ship but there’s also a space ship. Not a real space ship though..”

“OLIVE! Let your sister sleep!”


Cassiel focused on Olive’s education and tutored her while Olive’s parents focused on Nylah.


Zane loved babysitting his first niece. He was learning she was quite intelligent and while not on his level, of course, she could still hold her own in a couple of chess games. Olive loved her time with her uncle. He was the only one who didn’t talk to her in a baby voice and made her feel smart.


Between the two kids and their work schedules, the family was having a hard time. Pierre found himself napping in strange places and the other household members were feeling tense. They all had their own way of having fun. Zane had his video games, Paolo had his dancing..


And Parker had her husband, Pierre.


Parker’s fun had consequences, but joyous consequences. Parker was surprised she was pregnant again while she still had a baby in the bassinet. She knew it wouldn’t be long however until Nylah was in school though. She hoped she’d still be pregnant and wouldn’t have two babies.


Parker got her wish! Nylah had grown into a beautiful young girl, ready to play all the games her big sister had promised her.


Cassiel and Olive had grown a little bit apart. It seemed all the arguing and grueling tutoring had put a wedge between the grandmother and future heir. Olive had been growing into quite a tomboy and while Cassiel didn’t mind that, she thought Olive didn’t have to look like a tomboy.

“You really should consider growing out your hair. You’d look so pretty, Olive. Just like your sister!”


“You should really consider a better outfit. You look like you’re going to your own funeral.”


While Cassiel and Olive had their differences, Cassiel still took on the role of being a tutor to her grandchildren. They were both making all A’s!


A couple months later, Parker awoke at night again with intense pains. She was ready this time, and went to the hospital. Later that night, she brought home her first boy, Maverick Power.


Parker didn’t realize how excited she was to have a boy for the first time. She held him close to her and whispered her thanks and happiness.


Pierre ran home and held all his children close. He loved his girls but wow! He had a boy now too! Pierre grabbed Olive. He knew soon she’d be a teen but he could cherish her childhood a little longer.

But then Olive’s childhood was gone. It was time for her to enter high school. Her father had made a big cake and they had a small family party with a few friends of the kids. Cassiel was proud that Paolo didn’t call all of his old crazy friends.

“WOOHOOOO!!! Look at our beautiful daughter!”, yelled Parker.


“Hi! I’m Olive. Remember? Yeah, I was a child until I blew out those candles!”


The family’s joy couldn’t last forever though. A while after Olive’s birthday, Cassiel had collapsed on the floor. Thankfully, the girls were at school and Parker and Pierre were at work.


Sadly, Paolo had just woken for breakfast when he found his wife in the living room. He was destroyed. He and Cassiel had a just started to fall back in the throws of love and truly be together when Death had to tear their dream apart..


We say goodbye to Cassiel Power, the fourth generation. Cassiel was a squeamish child and mentally gifted. She grew to become a creative and ambitious adult achieving her dreams of becoming a body builder and marrying her soulmate. She was carefree, connected, and a great companion. Her life led her to become a master of painting and a fitness guru. She was also talented in the kitchen and had great charisma. She had two children and three grandchildren. She will be greatly missed.


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