The Power Legacy 4.2

The Power Legacy 4.2


Pierre was debating opening his restaurant. There was so much to do besides cook! Was it really worth the trouble? Was it worth dragging Parker into? Nylah came and sat down by her father.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?”

“Well, you know Daddy wants a restaurant but I just don’t know if it’s worth it.”


“Well, what’s wrong? Don’t you get to cook? So who cares about the rest? Just cook, Daddy.” Nylah ran into the living room to watch her cartoons.


For some reason, Nylah’s simple advice calmed Pierre. Just cook, Pierre!


So Pierre and Parker took the plunge. Pierre had bought a lot in Oasis Springs and made it into a causal brunch cafe.


“This is finally happening.”, he thought.


A few weeks after the restaurant opened, it was the dear Nylah’s birthday. Her father made her a cake and her Uncle Zane came.


Nylah blew out her candles, excited to join her sister in high school.


Nylah had grown into quite a geek with a creative side. She loved playing video games and writing fantasy stories. Parker encouraged her daughter to try her hand at painting. Parker was happy Nylah had displayed a talent for painting. Olive hadn’t shown an interest in continuing the long line of women painters in the family. Parker was glad the talent wouldn’t die with her.


Maverick loved watching his sister and mother paint and asked for his own painting area.

[My boys always seem to be loners!]


Olive had become quite the socialite. She always had friends over. She wanted to be friends with everyone.


Although, she wished she could be more than friends with some of the boys. Looks like someone inherited some of the boy crazy from her mother.


Pierre was having the time of his life. He was his own boss, his own chef! He focused on creating different recipes for his menu. No one yelled at him. He made his own hours and cooked to his tastes. This was creative freedom.


Parker focused on training the staff and handling the finances. She had given up on trying a normal 9-5 job. It just didn’t fit with her big family plus her father seemed miserable with his career. She often wondered why he insisted on working.Pierre and Parker were quite a team, spending hours at the restaurant, trying to make it a success.


Unfortunately, no one was home when Paolo found his life at it’s end.


Apparently, Death had been waiting for Paolo in the corner for quite some time.


The family had Paolo buried next to Cassiel. They had a small memorial for Cassiel and Paolo.

“This is so unfair, Zane! Why can’t people just stay here a little longer?! Why do we have to lose them so quickly?”

“It’s okay, Parker. It’s a cycle. Life and death. Look at your kids. They’re the new cycle. Be happy he got to spend time with them. He’s with Mom now, where he always wanted to be.”
Parker sighed, “You’re right, Zane. I should be happy for him. It’s just hard.”


Nylah and Maverick were holding each other. Neither had an experience with death before. It was difficult for them. They loved their aloof grandfather but hadn’t felt close to him the past few years. Still, the fact that someone was there one day and then gone the next scared the both of them.

“I don’t want Dad to leave!”, Maverick cried.

“Shush, Dad’s not going anywhere. Plus you have Mom, Oli, and me! We won’t leave you yet.”


Parker had overheard Nylah comforting her little brother and felt more than proud. She understood her brother now. Later that day, she gave Nylah a hug.

“You’re growing into such a perfect and wise young lady. I’m so proud of you. I love you.”

“Aw Mom! Thanks!”



We say goodbye to Paolo Power (formerly Paolo Rocca), the husband of Cassiel Power. Paolo lived an active lifestyle, mastering his fitness skill at the gym with other bros. There he achieved his goal of becoming a perfect bodybuilder. After that, he turned to his love of music and focused on Djing, premiering his talent at his numerous parties. He had two beautiful children and three grandchildren. He will be greatly missed.

Goodbye, Generation 3. We’ll miss you.


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