The Power Legacy 4.3

The Power Legacy 4.3


Zane had been working at OneTech for a couple of years when he met his coworker, Kyle. Zane and Kyle quickly became friends, often hanging out at the library where Zane would work on his laptop and Kyle would read his favorite books. Kyle was a genius just like Zane so he found their conversations quite stimulating. One night, Kyle took Zane to a new restaurant in town. Turns out, it was the restaurant his sister owned. Zane found it much more romantic than Kyle let on. Plus, Kyle was being very nice.


Actually, Kyle wasn’t being nice. Well, he was but he was also very seriously flirting. And Zane was, Zane was actually enjoying it. Zane flirted back. For the first time, Zane didn’t feel uncomfortable. Zane felt..normal.


After a while, Zane went to his sister’s house.

“Zane! Hey, I’ve missed you. What brings you around?”

“Well, there’s someone I want you to meet and I want to talk to you about something.”


“Parker, this is Kyle. I’m gay…and he’s my boyfriend.” Zane held his breath. What would Parker say?

“Hey Mrs. Power, Zane has told me a lot about you.”


Immediately Parker yanked Kyle off the couch and gave him a big hug.

“Hi Kyle! Welcome to our home. I’d love for you to meet my husband, he should be home any minute.”


“Parker, Kyle is my boyfriend. We’re dating.” Zane said. Maybe his sister didn’t hear him. Surely, this wouldn’t be that easy.

“Oh Zane. I’m glad you’re happy. Do you know that I’m straight?”, Parker asked her brother with a big smile on her face. “I never officially told you, I guess. Zane, I’m straight. Pierre is my husband and we have three kids.”, Parker laughed and then continued, “Zane, I love you. Again, I’m just glad you’re happy. That’s all I’ve wanted.” Parker gave her brother a big hug.

Zane smiled, relieved. He guessed she was right. He was so happy. Now all that was left was his favorite niece, Olive (sorry Nylah!).

Turns out, Kyle and Olive were already pretty close. They had bonded a while ago over some art at the local museum. Olive had shown Kyle her sister’s paintings.

“I’m sure soon they’ll be in this museum!”

Zane had nothing to worry about. Now he could just be happy with the man of his dreams.


Maverick was growing up. Soon, it was time for him to join his sisters into teendom. While everyone was inside, preparing for the party, Maverick was spending his time outside, trying to put off the inevitable. Olive walked up behind him.

“Hey little man, the party’s ready to see you do your thing.”

“I’m okay. I’ll just play out here.”

“Come on, Mav, aren’t you excited to be growing up?”

“No! I want to play outside. I want to draw on my table. I want to play video games! I don’t wanna grow up!” Maverick fell off the bars. Olive picked him back up.


“Look, Mav, you still get to do fun stuff. In fact, you get to do more! You get to play a lot more games, do more stuff than just draw, and you can go hiking outside. All on your own! What do you say? Ready to become awesome like me and your sister?”

Maverick groaned. He still wasn’t sure.


“Also, you’ll always be my little baby brother.” She leaned down and gave him a knowing kiss on the cheek.

“Ugh. Fine! I’ll grow up as long as you can’t do that anymore.”

Olive smiled at herself. She knew that would work.



And so Maverick blew out the candles and started glowing into a teen. The party was able to continue!


Everyone was enjoying the party. At one point, Marcus came up and started flirting with Olive out of nowhere! His words were slurred and he was getting a bit close to her but Olive just laughed him off.

“Weren’t you best friends with my grandfather? Weird!”
No such luck, Marcus.


Parker was still running the restaurant which was getting better and better ratings. Pierre’s dishes were incredible and Parker’s management skills kept people happy.


Olive was trying to follow in her mom’s footsteps and learn her management style. She enjoyed all the new faces the restaurant brought into her life. She was determined to be friends with everyone that came in.


Surprisingly she was having a hard time befriending the people who came every day. Like the host, Frank, for example. They just didn’t seem to care about what she had to say. Maybe being the boss wasn’t helping her make friends.


“So Uncle Zane, what makes you want to play chess again? Miss your old babysitting days?”

“Actually, I wanted to talk you. I want to know your honest opinion. I trust you to tell me the truth.” Zane was speaking slowly and seemed to be sweaty.

“What’s up, Uncle Zane?”

“Well, I’m.. I’m thinking about getting married. To Kyle. He’s the only one I ever felt like I can be myself around. He’s so smart and serious but he can make me laugh so hard. I just..Nevermind, what do you think?”


“Oh Uncle Zane! That’s amazing! I think you should go for it!”


“Yes! You are so in love! I hope to be like you and Kyle someday. I love you, Uncle Zane!”

“Thanks, Olive.”


Finally the big day arrived. Zane invited all his family and a couple of his coworkers. Parker was so proud of her little brother. She started to tell him that when,

“Zane, is that your fiance running off?”

“Yeah. Don’t pay him any mind. He saw a bird.”


The gentlemen exchanged their wedding vows under a blooming pink willow tree.


After the ceremony, Olive gave her best uncle a big hug.

“I’m so happy for you, Uncle Zane.”

“Thank you, Olive. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you. You gave me the courage to take the leap. I’ve always loved your fearlessness.”
Olive blushed. “Thank you, Uncle.”, she whispered.


Pierre approached his eldest daughter after Zane went to talk to some more guests.

“Isn’t this beautiful?”, he asked.

“Of course. There’s so much love in the air!”

“Well, when do you think you’ll be having a ceremony of your own?”


“Oh yeah. Sure, Dad. Let me just wrangle up a guy real quick.” Olive rolled her eyes. Pierre sighed. He didn’t want to pressure his daughter into anything too quickly but he wasn’t getting any younger.


The wedding was a success but no one was happier than the two newlyweds.


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