The Power Legacy 4.4

The Power Legacy 4.4


Olive had entered adulthood and she was having trouble finding out how she wanted to make her mark on the world. Her sister had painting, her brother was young but he was already becoming a huge hit at the clubs in the town of Winderburg with his dance moves. What would Olive do?

Besides get stared at like I’m some freak! Can I help you, emo kid?


Olive was still trying to befriend everyone through the restaurant. She caught Greg, the waiter, taking a break outside.


“Oh great. Go ahead, tell your dad on me. I shouldn’t be out here, I know.”

“What? Oh! No, no, no. I just wanted to say hi. I don’t care about the restaurant.”

“Uh huh. Whatever. You’re, like, always here. Plus your dad is totally giving you this place.”

Greg walked away back towards the restaurant. Olive had mixed feelings. Greg was so rude to her for no reason besides her supposed title, and yet, she was kind of happy that she might end up owning the restaurant one day. Not that she wanted to be a cook or anything, but she was happy her dad would put so much trust in her. Then she remembered her uncle’s wedding. She knew what her dad wanted. He wanted Olive to settle down and find a husband. There was no way he’d let her carry on the family business until she got married.


So Olive decided to start husband shopping. She went that night to the local lounge but Marcus kept buzzing around her. What was up with that? With Marcus reeking of desperation, Olive decided she had enough of the lounge and headed home.


“Oh my god, Nylah! You wouldn’t believe who kept hanging around me last night at the club! Marcus!”

“Oh wow!”

“No, really. He wasn’t even talking to me, just lurking around!”

“That’s so sad. Wasn’t he best friends with our grandpa?”

“I know, right?!”


Olive tried another bar a little farther from her town. However, that bar was pretty dead too. Literally. Apparently, it was “Ghost Night” and most of the bar patrons were dead. One named Bernard had taken quite a liking to Olive but the feeling didn’t seem to be returned.

“Honey, you’re so good-looking, you made my heart stop. Get it? Because my heart’s already stopped?”



After a few more weeks of awkward nights out and weird lurkers, Olive was feeling a little down. She wasn’t having any luck in love and she didn’t have a career. She didn’t have any special skills. Nylah had seen her moping around and tried to help.

“I just don’t know, Nylah. I want to be special. What should I do?”


“Oh, Olive. You’re putting this pressure on yourself. Dad never said you have to get married! He loves having you around the restaurant. Mom thinks you’re great there! You make all the customers feel loved! Stop stressing out and just be yourself.”

“Yeah, Olive. Love will come when you least expect it.”

“Thanks, Maverick.”

“For real, Olive, I think you should just relax and have some fun. Join me at a club every once and a while. You should come too, Nylah.”

“HA! No way. Thanks but no thanks. All those sweaty, gross drunkards all over me? Nope. I like being at home. Also, it’s Mom’s birthday next week. We should totally surprise her! No, Maverick. No clubbing.”


The party was going really well. Pierre had made a large tiered cake for his wife, Nylah painted a large masterpiece as a gift, and Maverick made a party mix so everyone could dance. Olive, of course, was the perfect host, making everyone feel happy. Parker and Pierre were called into the kitchen by one party guest.

“I just want you to know, I wish to marry your daughter.”


“Oh my goodness! Pierre, our daughter’s getting married!”

“That’s excellent..,” Pierre was skeptical,”but who are you? How long have you and Olive been dating?”

“Oh, we’re not dating. Not yet. But we will and I wanted you to know my intention.”


“Oh, you’re crazy…”

“God damn it. Don’t bother me and my wife at our party with your craziness!”


The rest of the party went off without a hitch. The strange man even giving Olive a big hug at the end of it.

“Soon…”, he thought.


With Pierre and Parker using AARP, they decided to be a little more hands-off with the restaurant. Olive had filled in and was working as the site manager.


The restaurant was suffering though. The employees were under-trained and didn’t respect Olive as a manager yet demanded to be paid more. They were losing money. Olive came home late every night, beyond exhausted. Too tired to even change into her pajamas. She was getting sick from all the stress.


One day, Uncle Zane came to see his favorite niece. She told him all about her problems over their usual game of chess. She hated complaining about the restaurant to him but she couldn’t have her parents know about her failure.


Zane got up.

“Look, Olive. The restaurant was Pierre’s dream, sure. But it was his dream to cook in it. It wasn’t his big dream to have a legacy family restaurant. Now that he’s retired, I bet he could care less what happens. He sees it as your own thing now. So don’t worry about your parents. It’s not a family restaurant, it’s YOURS.”


Zane’s words really helped Olive. She felt a huge weight off her shoulders. She still wanted to run the restaurant but now it wasn’t the “family business”. This was her restaurant and she was going to run it how she wanted to. She went to work feeling confident. Today was the day she was going to turn it all around.


And of course, on that day, the day that was supposed to be Olive’s big turn around, her best waiter died and Death was happy to take Greg’s soul home. (I know! I really wanted to save Greg. I was actually really sad. He was perfection.)


Olive felt down. Her luck was so crummy. She decided to hit the gym. Maybe the jogging would release endorphins and she’ll remember what happiness feels like.


By a weird coincidence (Ahem, I think not!). One of Olive’s friends was there. Hmm. If he looks familiar it’s because he was the guy letting Parker and Pierre know of his “intentions” at Parker’s birthday bash. However, Olive doesn’t know of this. She’s just happy to see her friend, Nelson White.

“Hey! Take a selfie with me so we can prove we were totally working out at the gym!”

After they snapped a couple of shots, Olive started looking through them.

“Oh. I look hideous. This is why people take gym selfies before the actual workout.”


“Actually, Olive. I think you look amazing. Sweat and all.”

“Really?” Olive blushed.

“Oh definitely, in fact, I’d love to take you out sometime. Can I pick you up Saturday night?”

“Sure. I think I’d like that.”

I think Olive’s luck is turning around. Maybe this Nelson isn’t such a bad guy after all. Maybe he’s just accidentally creepy. As always, thanks for reading!


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