The Power Legacy 4.5

The Power Legacy 4.5


Nelson and Olive had a great date but Olive had her focus on the restaurant and didn’t go on any more dates with Nelson. But Nelson didn’t give up on her. He often came to the restaurant just to visit her.


“Hey Olive, I was thinking we could go out tonight. I heard of a place with cool foosball tables.”


“Ooop. Don’t think we’ll be going out tonight.”

Nelson let Olive rest up while he cleaned the rest of the restaurant. Then he softly woke her and drove her home.


Parker and Pierre were enjoying their retirement. They had so much time with each other and were spending most of their time in the bedroom. One day, Pierre was kissing his wife softly when he whispered to her, “It’s time for me to go.”


Parker hadn’t even processed what Pierre had said when he laid on the floor.


Parker was shocked to find Pierre on the ground with Death right beside him.


Parker had just started pleading for Pierre’s life when Olive walked in. She was too shocked and exhausted to do anything and Death wasn’t going to spare Pierre. Parker buried her husband that night.


When Nylah awoke, she was heartbroken. She wished she could have been there to save her father. She knew he was getting older but she didn’t know he’d be gone so soon. She cried outside on their porch. She needed to keep it together for her mom. God knows what she was going through.


The morning after Pierre’s death, Marcus came by to offer his condolences or so Olive thought. Marcus grabbed Olive’s hands.

“Olive. I know you know how I feel about you. Your father’s death made me realize I might not have much time left. You should be with me. Your father’s dying wish was for you to get married and I think we should honor him and marry.”


Olive wasn’t having any of Marcus’ weird, creepy proposal.

“Excuse me? Who do you think you are?”


“You don’t know anything about me or my father and you definitely don’t know anything about his dying wish. If you ever come near me again with this nonsense, I will go crazy on you!”


Olive went to mourn by her father’s grave. Parker noticed her daughter moping and went outside to check on her.

“Sweetheart, I know we miss him but we can’t sulk all day here.”

“Mom, was Dad’s dying wish for me to get married?”


“Oh, Honey, no. It wasn’t his dying wish. It was his living wish.”


“What? Really? I thought Dad didn’t care.”

“Well, yes and no. He wanted you to get married but because he wanted you to be happy. Not because he wanted some ceremony. What’s the point if there was no love? All he wanted was to see you find your way.”


Olive decided it was time to get back into the dating world. She’d have the restaurant later. It’d always be there. She wanted to do right by her father. She was just drifting through life. She thought she loved the restaurant, but maybe she was just doing it because it was convenient.

“Hey. Yeah, it’s me. What do you say we get together?”

Parker listened to her daughter. “Good. Hopefully this will get her head out of that restaurant and into life.”, she thought.


Parker went out with a few of her friends. She had taken the time to get extra dressed up and was feeling sexy and she was letting the people know it.


As she flirted, she found she was having a great time, laughing deeper than she had in a long time.


Seeing Olive flirt with others encouraged Nelson to get serious with Olive.

“Look Olive, I think I love you and I want to be with you. Be my girlfriend!”


I think Olive agreed. She did tell  Nelson to slow down on the whole love thing though.


While Nelson was happy he got his dream girl and Olive was falling head over heels, it seemed like Tommy wasn’t too thrilled with the new relationship.


In this chapter we said goodbye to Pierre Power (formerly Newton). [Sorry there wasn’t many pictures but it took me by surprise and the lights were not cooperating].

Pierre Power was a creative goofball. However, Pierre wasn’t a softie. If you got on his bad side, he was quite mean. Pierre wanted a big happy family and while he never had grandchildren before his death, he did have three beautiful children; Olive, Nylah, and Maverick. Pierre had a passion for cooking and through his wife’s encouragement, became a cook at his own restaurant, Rattlesnake Cafe, where he mastered cooking. He will be missed.


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