The Power Legacy 4.6

The Power Legacy 4.6

Before Nelson and Olive became an official couple, Olive wanted Nelson to meet some people very special to her.


So they went on a vacation to Willow Creek to visit Uncle Zane and his husband, Kyle. When they arrived there were hugs all around.


“Oh so you’re the Nelson I’ve heard so much about?!”, Zane started grilling his niece’s love.


“Zane, sweetness, go easy on him!”, said Kyle.

Kyle turned to Olive.

“So what do you think, Uncle Kyle?”, she asked.

“He’s cute! He seems to really care for you, Olive. Of course, you’re gorgeous so be careful.”


The group hung out and talked all night, getting to know each other. Overall, Nelson seemed to pass Olive’s little test with flying colors.


Zane got quite…close…
“If you ever hurt her..”, he said through gritted teeth.


Little did Olive know that when she returned, she would have to say goodbye to her mother. Her siblings had called Zane and Olive but they couldn’t fly out to the funeral in time.


Olive felt terrible. She was the oldest. She was supposed to take care of her siblings. She should have been there! Now she was the head of the household. It was time for her to get herself figured out.


While she was looking at her mother’s grave, a familiar face appeared. It was Marcus. He came forward and gave Olive a hug.

“I’m so sorry for you in your time of loss. I know losing both of your parents so soon is hard.”

“Thank you, Marcus.”

“I hope this makes you realize how right we are for each other now. You don’t deserve to be alone anymore.”


“Really, Marcus? Now? Are you this thick-headed? First of all, I don’t want to be with you and not that its any of your business, but I have a boyfriend!”


“What?! Seriously? After all this time and all the attention I gave you?”


“Oh man. You’re crazier than Nelson. You flirted with me at the weirdest times! I never liked you! I’m leaving. I suggest you do the same before I call the cops.”

Olive went inside and told Nelson all about what happened with Marcus. He wrapped her in his arms.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about him. We’ve got each other.”


Everyone was a little down following Parker’s death but Maverick seemed to hold on to his depression a little longer.

“Everything okay, Maverick?”, Olive asked her brother. He was sulking so much his knuckles practically touched the floor.


“I’m a little worried about you. Is this about our parents or Nelson moving in?”


“No, but I have been thinking. I’m old enough to be one my own now, you know? There’s nothing for me here in Oasis Springs. If I go out, I have to go all the way to Winderburg! I think I should move closer, you know?”, Maverick was nervous but Olive was touched.


“I think you should go, Maverick. You can’t be tied here forever. Live your dream!”

“Really, Olive?!”

“Yeah, you’re going to be the hottest DJ!”


“Just know that Nylah and I will be here for you, no matter what. We love you.”

“Thanks Olive.”


The day had come for Maverick to move to Winderburg. Interestingly enough, he had befriended Marcus and joined Partihaus! I guess that was a byproduct of Marcus’ play to date Olive.

“Thank you, Olive, for being an understanding, awesome sister.”


“Oh of course, Mav! I love you. Good luck and visit us often!”


In this chapter, we had to say goodbye to generation 4, Pierre Newton and Parker Power. Parker was an interesting sim with only two traits, She was a good person who loved spending time outdoors. She dreamed of being Fabulously Wealthy however, she never truly met that goal. She was a mentally and socially gifted child, and used these traits to her advantage while running her husband’s restaurant. She had three wonderful children; Olive, Nylah, and Maverick who will miss her very much. So long, generation 4, now it’s time for the reign if generation 5.

I hope all goes well for Maverick! He didn’t really get to shine past his sisters but I think going out to Winderburg on his own will let him live his own story. As always, Thanks for reading!


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