The Power Legacy 5.1

The Power Legacy 5.1


Olive and Newton had grown very strong as a couple. Newton was able to take Olive’s focus off the restaurant and take care of her. Olive had never felt so loved in her life.

“Olive, I really want you to know you mean the world to me. I love spending every day with you.”

“Aww, Newton. I love you too.”


Although some people had found Olive incredibly alluring once she was off the market. Fred came by practically every day to hang out with her. (Really!!)


Newton, of course, was not going to let this weirdo around the love of his life.

“Look, loser, she’s with me now and I don’t want to see you around here again.”

“Oh get real. I’m not taking orders from you. I’m here to see Olive!”




“Get out of here before I do something I might regret!”, Nelson warned him.


Fred wasn’t in the mood to just let it go, though. “OLIVE! OLIVE!”, he started screaming.


Suddenly Nelson punched the guy in the face to shut him up and then it was an all out fist-flying fury.


Olive had heard all of the commotion and ran outside.

“What in the world is going on out here?!”, she demanded.


“Baby, don’t worry about it. I got this guy.”, Nelson started flexing.

“Oh hey Olive, I came to see if you wanted to go out some time!”

“I told you man, she’s with me! We’re in love! I’ll show you!”


Nelson got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. Olive was shocked.

“Olive, I need you in my life. I’m serious about us. Please, will you become my wife?”

“Oh my! Yes, of course, Nelson!”


“I’m sorry, Fred. I just don’t want to be with anyone else. I love Nelson. I don’t even know you.”, Olive said.


Fred felt all the rage inside him boil up into his face and he only saw white. He reached forward and slapped Olive hard across her face. Olive backed away, holding her face in shock.


“No way! You do not come onto a woman’s property and disrespect her and you never EVER PUT YOUR HANDS ON A WOMAN. That is it!”


Nelson and Fred started brawling again. Fred was fueled by his heartbreak, how DARE Olive reject him? Nelson was fueled by a more noble cause. He was not only defending his girlfriend, his future wife, but women everywhere. This man had no right to hurt Olive in any form.


Nelson had battered Fred up pretty harshly but he wasn’t going to show any mercy.

“Now get the plum off of this porch.”, he said through gritted teeth.


Olive held onto Nelson tightly.

“Thank you so much, Nelson! You didn’t have to do that.”

“Yes I did, Olive. No one should be treated like that.”

Nelson took her inside and cuddled her on their bed. Olive felt protected and safe with Nelson. She was sure she had the right guy.


That night, Olive and Nelson took their love a little further for the first time.


The next day, Olive told Nylah all about the events on the porch. Including the marriage proposal.


“Oh wow! That sounds crazy, Olive! I’m kind of glad I missed all of that.” Nylah wasn’t one for that kind of excitement.


With Nelson and Olive taking a serious commitment in their relationship, Olive thought about a house remodel.

“ I just think with your job, my sister’s paintings, and the cafe, we could remodel this house and truly make it ours but we’re going to have to save money for a while.”


“What do you think?”, Olive asked. She really wanted Nelson to feel like he was her partner in this but if he said no, she was probably going to do it anyways. Luckily, Nelson agreed.


Nelson worked hard in his gang to prove to his boss that he was worthy of a higher position and Olive spent several nights at the cafe, trying to make the most profit. They still made sure to spend time together and when they were home, they always doted on the other.


Nelson was a dastardly sim and loved pulling mischievous pranks, especially on Olive! He would walk into her house and lay a stink bomb making her gag.


Or he would zap her with his hand buzzer.


But Olive laughed every time. I guess it takes a childish sim to love a chief of mischief.


He certainly wasn’t everyone’s favorite. He and Olive were made to be.

I wanted to say, this chapter was awesome but mostly because it was all whim based or autonomous actions by the sims. I’m so glad that Olive loves Nelson’s gags because I’ve had prankster sims before and it usually does not end well! As always, thanks for reading!


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