The Power Legacy 5.2

The Power Legacy 5.2


Olive and Nelson had worked hard and saved their earnings and along with Nylah’s income from her paintings, they were able to build a new home. They kept their original land but went with a modern desert mansion. This was their start, their story.


Olive had grown up on the land but she had never noticed that it had a hiking path behind it! She loved jogging on the trail every day. She had always thought to see the natural cliffs she had to go to the park when this whole time she had the flowers and the cliff in her backyard!


She noticed strange clumps of rocks in the flatter areas of the cliffs. When she examined them a little further, she noticed pretty crystals in some and actual bits of fossils in others. One day while she was hiking, a frog jumped on her foot! She caught the little guy and brought him home. Nelson thought it was cool that she had a little pet.

“If you find more frogs, you should bring them home. They’re quite cute…when they don’t pee on you.” he had told her.


Nelson had actually found someone who enjoyed his antics besides Olive! He would constantly try to scare his friend into thinking the apocalypse was coming or he was a huge crime lord. Like Olive though, Tom would just giggle at Nelson.


Maverick’s adult birthday was coming up. He called Olive a few days before his party and invited her over.

“Olive, this is Jade. We have something pretty important to tell you and we just couldn’t wait! Go ahead, honey.”

Honey?”, thought Olive.

“Olive, Maverick and I are going to have a baby!”, Jade announced, beaming with joy.


“Oh wow! Really? That’s wonderful, Mav!”, Olive was estatic for the couple. Maverick held his chin out with pride. He was so excited to be a dad.


“Look at this! My baby brother is having a baby of his own. I’m so proud of you. You too, Jade! Welcome to the family!”. Jade and Olive hugged and Olive rubbed her brother’s head. They asked her to keep it a secret until the party. Olive was sad she couldn’t tell Nylah but she could manage a few days.


Sure enough, the big day arrived. Olive couldn’t wait one more second. As soon as she and Nylah arrived, Olive started spilling the beans.

“Guess who’s going to be a daddy soon?! Ahhh, that guy!”, she pointed to Maverick. Nylah looked at Maverick, confused.

“Jade, my girlfriend, is pregnant with our first child.”, Maverick explained, “Thanks, Olive.”, he continued sarcastically.



“OHH!! MAVERICK!”, Nylah immediately pulled her brother in for a hug. She was going to be an aunt! How exciting!


After seeing all of the happiness on Jade’s and Maverick’s faces all afternoon, Olive started to feel a little baby fever. She wasn’t getting any younger. If she wanted to be a mom, now was the time. While Nelson and Olive were doing their morning workout, she brought up the subject with him.

“Nelson, I was thinking I’d like to have a baby. I think we’re ready to be parents and I really want to start a family with you. Have you thought about building a family?”


“Of course I’ll have a baby with you! I’ve been ready to be a dad since we married!”


“But, I do have one condition. I think we should make this a little special.”, he winked at Olive.

What could he be thinking?


“Oh my Nelson! You are such a sexy devil! You really want to do it in here?!”, Olive was giggling. When Nelson had suggested conceiving in a special way, she didn’t know he meant christening the sauna. Nelson’s response was to pull Olive in for a long kiss. He meant business.


Nelson and Olive were fortunate and had no problems becoming pregnant. In fact, Olive had barely noticed she was even pregnant. She had gained a little weight and loved looking at her pregnant belly in the mirror but she didn’t have a weak bladder or food cravings or morning sickness. Her mother was constantly sick and tired while she was pregnant but Olive just felt normal.

I must be truly blessed.”, she thought.


Nelson and Olive were planners and were excited for the day their child was to arrive. They had planned everything down to the last detail. They had closed the cafe. Nelson had asked off for work and they had reserved a room at the hospital.

“We got this.”, Nelson told Olive.


On the big day though, Nelson seemed to forget all about his pep talk. Olive woke him up with a start.

“The baby’s coming. We got to go!”, she said.


Nelson jumped out of bed and started panicking.

“What do I do? What do I do? You’re pregnant?!”

“Yes, Nelson. Have been. Now get it together and take me to the hospital!”, Olive demanded. She was not one to lose her cool, especially with all the contractions!


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