The Power Legacy 5.3

The Power Legacy 5.3


Olive and Nelson had a bouncing baby boy and he was marvelous and healthy and they loved him more than anything in the world.


“Nylah, this is Jaime. Jaime, this is your Aunt Nylah.”
Olive was happy. Olive was the happiest she had been in a long time. This tiny thing had her whole heart and it didn’t even know it.


Nylah had hidden herself away in her painting studio. While Nylah had always been quite reserved, Olive still worried about her.
“Nylah, are you okay? I feel like I haven’t seen you in a while. Is it Jaime? Are we driving you out?”


“Jaime? Are you kidding? Olive, I’m fine. I like being quiet and to myself. You know that. I love you, Nelson, and even Jaime. I just also love myself.”
“Have you ever thought of going out, meeting someone? I bet Jade has some cute friends! I worry about you feeling lonely someday.”


“I’ve never thought of anyone that way and I honestly and truly don’t want to. I promise, Olive, I’m happy.”
Olive left her alone. She still worried of course, because she didn’t exactly understand her sister. Nylah wasn’t noncommittal, she wasn’t a loner but she didn’t want romance. Olive figured she would never understand completely but she could let her sister be, as long as she was happy.


Nelson enjoyed being a father. When he was home, he was always doting on the wee baby Jaime.


And while Nelson fed and napped Jaime, he insisted Olive go out hiking. He knew it wasn’t good for her to be cooped up inside.


That was the day, Olive discovered a hole the size of a small door in the trunk of a tree. Curious, she stepped inside and fell through a moss covered hole. When she landed, she found a remarkable landscape. The trees glowed and the rocks sparkled.
“I must take Jaime here.”


She played in the pond, catching some frogs to take home for Nelson. She laid in the grass and looked at the darkness above her. She climbed some trees being careful not to harm any leaves or branches. Then she wondered what time it was and how many hours had passed. She climbed up the side of a hill she was sure she slid down and hurried home.


Jaime was a happy, good child who aspired to be a whiz kid. Before he even could go to school he was finishing schoolwork.


He loved spending time playing chess and would often goad his uncle Maverick into playing with him.


Mostly because Maverick hated chess and Jaime was always sure to win.


Jaime had an easy going childhood. He was an only child whose parents didn’t work very often. Nelson had plenty of time to tutor Jaime.


His aunt, Nylah, loved taking him to the park and the art galleries where she sold her work.


His mom would dress up in costumes and read to him every night. He didn’t know why she dressed up but he loved it so maybe that was the reason.


When he found himself alone, he would play on his science lab kit. He loved making slime after slime.


Oftentimes, he would find himself drifting towards the cemetery in the backyard. He didn’t know why but he wanted to read all the inscriptions and wallow in the despair that he would never meet these people. They were his family and yet, he didn’t know them. Was that even fair?


He never spent too long by himself in the graveyard. Someone would always come out, hug him, wipe the tears from his face, and tell him everything was okay.


What he felt was unfair most of all..


was that even when surrounded by family, he always felt alone.


Maybe he would always be alone.


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