The Power Legacy 5.5

The Power Legacy 5.5


Jaime Power had grown into a handsome teen. He was good and he was a perfectionist. He wanted to be a collector just like his mother. He had seen all the frogs and the crystals his mom had brought home from her hikes. He wanted to start his own collection of cool things.


Jaime didn’t have a lot of friends when he was younger but he had his cousin, Roy, and that was all he needed. Roy was the one who was able to get Jaime out of his house and his head and make him enjoy the real world and Jaime was always there to help Roy through a serious problem.


“Yo man! I’m glad you were able to come out tonight. You and I are going to dance like crazy and meet some ladies.” Roy sang the last word, dragging out the s. Jaime had to laugh. Roy was girl crazy sure but he could never find a girlfriend.


Jaime and Roy were killing it on the dance floor, showing off their best moves. They were a little freaked out by the amount of ghosts at the club but they didn’t mind the other dancers so much.


Roy had disappeared, probably trying to talk up some girls. Jaime didn’t mind being alone. He just swayed back and forth. He might even try to see if the bartender would serve him.


The night lasted a bit too long for the young teen who passed out on his porch upon returning home. Luckily Aunt Nylah found him instead of Mom and Dad. She got him cleaned up. She didn’t let him off without a strong lecture though!


Jaime went on several hikes to find fossils to add to his collection. He had been building quite of a collection for himself. While his mom had a variety of odds and ends, Jaime focused on extracting fossils and crystals. He didn’t much care for man-made treasures, he much preferred nature’s own.


One day he noticed a an opening in a cliff. It was boarded up but the boards were very old and weak. He managed to kick through the obstacle and climbed inside the tunnel. It was man made but it had clearly been abandoned. He didn’t want to explore this alone. He knew just who to call.


Newton and Jaime were amazed by the beauty of the underground grotto. There were several crystal formations that were awe-inspiring and the lake sparkled.


Newton and Jaime enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and fished beside each other. They would trade jokes and tell small stories but mostly they just enjoyed the silence together. Nothing was more relaxing and both the men enjoyed the moment.

But then the next moment came.


We say goodbye to Nelson Power (formerly White). Nelson was a creative and self-assured insider. Because he was a Chief of Mischief, he became quite dastardly. Throughout his life, he mastered handiness and mischievous. After accomplishing his goal of being the Mischief King, Nelson focused on becoming a Brain Nerd, but was a level short of mastering his logic skill. Nelson loved pulling pranks on his best friend and wife, Olive Power, but was a serious and attentive father to his son, Jaime Power. He will be missed.


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