The Power Legacy 5.6

The Power Legacy 5.6


Nelson’s passing was not easy on the family. Olive had to learn to live without Nelson. She closed herself off, writing stories to keep her mind off her loneliness. Jaime had ventured off and was hardly at home. She didn’t know where he was going but she couldn’t face him now.


Nylah was the one to get Olive out of her gloom. She all but dragged Olive out of her bedroom. The two sisters became inseparable, Nylah not wanting her sister to slip back into solitude. Nylah adored spending time in the garden and would ask Olive to go hiking with her to look for new plants. Nylah was worried about Jaime too but at least he was out in the world.


It was true, Jaime had been out in the world. He couldn’t be in his house very long. There was nothing here to distract him but in the real world, he could focus on his fishing line and hooking the perfect catch. He was building quite the collection of fish and brought them home to keep.


Olive approached her son. She felt guilty about neglecting him during this hard time.
“How are you sweetheart?”, she asked.
“I’m okay. I just miss him. We were just together and then the next minute he was gone! I mean I can still remember the grotto we found.”


“Oh Mom, you would love it! It was beautiful. There were crystal stalagmites everywhere and it was dark but there was light coming in from above that made everything look so beautiful.”


“Hmm.. That reminds me of a place.”


Olive and Jaime headed out together the next morning. Olive took Jaime to a small neighborhood that Jaime had fished at many times. He didn’t understand what was so special when he saw his mom stop at a large tree. Suddenly, she started disappearing into the trunk as it if wasn’t there or she was a ghost.
“Mom! What are you doing? Where are you going?”, he yelled. Olive giggled. She could see the hole in the trunk but she forgot that it wouldn’t show itself to Jaime. She could just imagine what this looked like to him.
“Trust me, Jaime. Just follow me.”


Olive breathed in the fresh air. The place was still as beautiful as she remembered. She had forgotten all about it in her later years. Forgetting her promise to take Jaime here. She was glad she had forgotten because this seemed like the perfect time for Jaime to truly appreciate the beauty.


They sat and talked about Nelson and how much they missed him. They talked about Nylah and how loving she was. They talked about their collections and the places they had been. They talked about their lives. Olive telling Jaime how Nelson seemed to always know that he and Olive were going to be together. Jaime told his mom his dreams for the future.


After talking so long, Olive suggested they go exploring. Olive tried to catch some frogs and looked for new plants for Nylah. Jaime couldn’t wait to see what fish he could catch in the ponds and lakes.


“Mom, I wanted to thank you for bringing me here. I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. I just needed time to myself.”
“I understand. I felt the same. Your father loved you so much and I love you too. I won’t be around long myself but I don’t want you to hide away again. Don’t be like me. Nelson and I, we had a wonderful life and we want you to have the best life you can have so don’t stop living and exploring. Promise me, okay?”
“I promise.”


Life continued for the family. Jaime spending time with his friends.


Olive spending time with her family. [That’s Maverick’s and Jade’s second child!]


One night, Jaime was out with his cousin and best friend, Roy, when Roy started staring open-mouthed.
“Dude! Check out this hottie! Man, we have got to start eating here more often.”
“Roy, why don’t you just ask her for her number?”
“No way, man! She’s not going to be interested in some kids. She needs a man!”


Jaime wasn’t discouraged however. He laid his best game on the waitress.
“Hey good-looking, let me take you out. When do you get off work?”


Surprisingly, Jordan wasn’t opposed to being flirted with by strange men at her place of work. She happily accepted Jaime’s request and they agreed to meet up at the lounge later.


Whatever chemistry Jordan and Jaime had at the restaurant had fizzled when they met at the lounge. Jaime tried to make her laugh with jokes but Jordan would just scoff or shake her head. Jaime asked her about herself but she would give a small polite answer and sip her drink. Finally Jordan picked her up phone and answered it. Her eyes went wide with worry.
“I’ll be right there!”, she said into the phone. She turned to Jaime, “I’m so sorry but my friend’s cowplant just died. She loved it at a lot. I should really go. I’ll call you later!” Jordan ran out of the lounge not paying her tab. Jaime sighed. He knew the phone call was fake and she wouldn’t be calling again. He paid their tab and started to leave when the lights dimmed and a spotlight came on. Jaime looked to the stage.


There he saw the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She was singing a slow song, her voice filled the room like honey and made his mind melt. He had to know her. He asked the bartender her name.
“Addisyn Whitmore.”
“Addisyn.” Jaime repeated to himself. He knew he had to be with her. This is what his dad must have felt like. Jaime wanted to wait until Addisyn’s show was done but he felt his phone vibrating. His aunt Nylah was calling. He picked up, “Hello?”
“Jaime. I need you to meet me at the hospital. It’s your mother. I’m so sorry but I’ll tell you more when you get here.”


Olive had warned Jaime that she was going to go soon but he still was unprepared to lose her. How does one truly prepare to lose their parents anyways? Nylah tried to comfort him but she knew words weren’t going to be much for him right now. He needed time.


We say goodbye to Generation 5’s Olive Power. She was a childish art lover who enjoyed the outdoors. She had accomplished many goals in her lifetime starting when she was a child when she became a Whiz Kid. When she was a teen, she accomplished her dream of becoming a Friend of the World and a Leader of a Pack, mastering her skill in Charisma. As an adult, she became a Curator and built the Mansion of her dreams, later deciding to focus on becoming a Nerd Brain. After mastering her Logic Skill, she decided to try her hand at writing. While she mastered Writing, she had died before accomplishing her lifetime aspiration. She had over 20 traits! Her son, Jaime Power, will be cared for by her loving sister, Nylah Power.


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