The Power Legacy 6.1

The Power Legacy 6.1


Nylah was worried. She couldn’t find Jaime anywhere. She had looked in his room and in her sister’s old room.


She looked in the downstairs areas. She looked outside. Where could he be?


She looked at her cell phone. She called him again and again, it rang until his voicemail picked up. She had texted him over twenty times already. He had been gone for a couple of days since his mother’s funeral. If she had lost him, she didn’t know what she’d do.


Late one night, Nylah heard the front door open.

“Where in the world have you been? Jaime, I have been worried sick about you! Your mother didn’t want you to disappear. You have to face their death. You can’t run away forever.”

Nylah was about to continue her lecture when Jaime put his hand up.


“I know. I know. I don’t know where I’ve been. All I remember was being outside when I saw a bright green light. I don’t remember anything else but I swear I heard Addisyn. Maybe she knows what happened.”

“Getting black out drunk is not an option, Jaime. You need help.”

“No! I swear I wasn’t drinking. It happened right in the backyard. I was being carried by the light.”

Jaime couldn’t get Nylah to believe him. Maybe he could get someone to believe him.


He called the girl who had been plaguing his thoughts and filling his dream, luckily, she agreed to go out with him.


Jaime and Addisyn met at a local bar where he tried to tell her about his experience. He left out the part about hearing her name, just in case she found it creepy. Addisyn believed him! In fact, she knew what happened.

“You were abducted by aliens! I know it sounds crazy but trust me, I have.. friends who are aliens. They abduct people every now and again to study them. You should feel lucky they picked you. They only pick people who they think are beneficial to society.” Jaime wouln’t have believed her but then again, he knew some alien people himself. Heck, the bar even hosted Alien Night sometimes. Maybe he’d ask an alien personally. He was just glad Addisyn didn’t find him crazy. He was having a great time and asked her on a real date.


While Jaime was a little worried it would be awkward, he took her to the local restaurant, where he had previously met Jordan. Luckily, it seemed she was off that night.Plus she was the one that rejected Jaime anyways! Now his attention was elsewhere. Jaime smooth-talked Addisyn during the whole dinner and ordered a romantic shared dessert for the two of them.


Addisyn was much more responsive to Jaime than Jordan. In fact, she was quite flirty with Jaime. It was going so well for them, he decided to ask her out again.


The next night, Jaime took her to a party in the Ruins. They had danced all night and laughed together. When they got tired of dancing, they walked through the ruins enjoying the peace of nature around them. Jaime lit a fire for them, pulling Addisyn closer to him.

The week had been a whirlwind but Jaime was pretty sure he was falling in love with Addisyn.


“I think I love you, Add.”, he whispered.

“I love you too, Jaime.”, she whispered back. Jaime could have sworn she was glowing a light shade of green but he didn’t care. At this moment, he was content.


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