The Power Legacy 6.2

The Power Legacy 6.2


Jaime and Addisyn had fallen head over heels for each other. Jaime wanted to take it slow and enjoy his time with her but he couldn’t stand a minute away from her.


Addisyn felt the same way. The couple were constantly going out on dates. Once to the movies, another time to a cafe in Newcrest, once to a spa. Every day together was a new adventure.


Jaime needed to clear his head. He was so intoxicated by Addisyn and he wanted to be sure before he took the next step with her. Jaime heard of a new location to try out his fishing so he headed to Granite Falls for the day. He had only been alone for a few hours on the lake, enjoying the beauty around him, when he realized he missed Addisyn and he wanted her to see this for herself. He called her up. He knew he was making the right choice.


A few hours later, Addisyn and Jaime had hiked back to the lake where Jaime was fishing earlier that morning.

“Jaime, what’s up? I thought you wanted to do this fishing expedition alone. I promise I was cool with that.”


Jaime didn’t answer. Instead he dropped to one knee. He didn’t even open his mouth to ask the question when Addisyn started gasping, “Yes! Of course!”


For that moment, surrounded by beautiful nature, Jaime and Addisyn could only see each other.


Addisyn had moved in and for a few weeks, life was normal. Jaime had taken up the violin.


Much to his aunt’s distress.


Addisyn worked in the garden. She loved being outdoors and dreamed of being a talented botanist. Nylah gave her some advice for the garden but had given up most of the tending to Addisyn. Working on the garden gave Addisyn time to think. She loved Jaime but she was worried he wouldn’t love her once he found out who she really was. She couldn’t hide much longer. She’d have to tell him tonight.


That night, as they were getting ready for bed, Addisyn knew she couldn’t avoid the truth any longer.

“Jaime, you don’t know me. How do you even know you love me? What if I wasn’t what I appeared to be?”

“Look, if you have a second family somewhere out there, we can talk about it. I doubt that you do but what do you think is going to make me run from you?”


“I don’t have a second family..but..”, Addisyn sat down on the bed, “this isn’t what I really look like.”


“Jaime, I’m an alien. My friends were the ones who abducted you. They knew you liked me and wanted to check you out. I’m so sorry. I’ll go.”


“Addisyn! Is that all?!”, Jaime sat beside his fiancee, “I don’t care that you’re an alien! I kind of had a hunch that you were but I wanted you to tell me. I don’t care that your friends abducted me. That experience is what made me call you in the first place. They wouldn’t stop saying your name, I thought it was a sign that I was supposed to be with you. Do you think I haven’t noticed your green glow?”


Addisyn giggled. “Whoops. The longer I wear my disguise, the harder it is to keep on top of.”


“I’ve never had to wear my disguise so long!”

“You don’t have to, you know.”, Jaime told her softly.


Addisyn stood up and slowly her appearance started to disappear and change. Her hair changed into a blue bald head, her eyes went black, her ears elongated and became pointed. Her dress changed into a foreign looking body suit and her skin became blue.

“This is the real me, Jaime.”, Addisyn said, her voice shaking.


Jaime stood up and gave her a kiss.

“I love it, I love you, no matter what side you decide to show, I love every part of you.”


While Addisyn wasn’t ready to show the world her true form, she was glad that Jaime accepted her. True to his word, when they got married under the moonlight, he didn’t pressure her to lose her disguise but instead wrapped up in his arms and told her how beautiful she was.


With friends and family surrounding them, Addisyn and Jaime became husband and wife.


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