The Power Legacy 6.4

The Power Legacy 6.4


Taking care of twins was no easy feat but Addisyn and Jaime did the job like masters.


Their days were filled with feedings, diaper changes, and rocking to sleep.


Jaime’s cousins, Coral and Roy, of course had to come see the twins. Jaime welcomed them with open arms. Since their parents had passed Jaime, Coral, and Roy hadn’t seen much of each other, each being busy with their own lives.


Twins aren’t easy by any means, but Keegan happened to be an extremely fussy baby, requiring lots of attention from his parents. He didn’t seem to bother his less troublesome sister but her calm demeanor never seemed to rub off on him either, much to their parent’s dismay. Oftentimes, Keegan would fuss and Addisyn or Jaime would dote on him and once he calmed down, they would walk out of the room, only to hear him start to cry again as soon as they stepped out the door.


Nylah always offered to babysit and let the couple go out but they didn’t feel right leaving their aunt with twins (mostly, they didn’t want to leave her with Keegan). They knew that time as a couple was important though and would go on “kitchen dates”. They’d get all dressed up and order some takeout and enjoy private time in their kitchen.

The twins didn’t stay in their cribs forever and grew into children. I think they look a lot like their grandfather! Margo was a carefree child who loved being outdoors and doing arts and crafts. Keegan preferred more academic hobbies and focused on mental tasks. He loved listening to music while he worked on his homework or made his potions.


Nylah loved the twins. She enjoyed reading them stories, some their grandmother had written! Keegan loved hearing new words and learning their definitions, while Margo enjoyed the new world forming in her mind. She couldn’t wait to draw what she heard.


Keegan and her got along well because of his love for schoolwork. She loved tutoring him and how seriously he took his education.


Margo liked school but she didn’t care if she got a C or an A. She liked playing with her friends and making jokes.


While Keegan was a bright student, he wasn’t always the brightest kid.

“Hmm. The orange waves weren’t in the directions. I wonder if I add some of the blue powder.”


“No, that just made it worse. Maybe the red powder?”


“It’s not funny, Margo! If we didn’t have the sprinkler system, we could have lost the house!”

Margo kept laughing and eventually her mother joined in too.


The men however remained ignorant to the joke. Like father, like son, I suppose!


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