The Characters

Generation 1:


Tatiana Power
Traits: Outgoing, Bro, Cheerful
Aspirations: Joke Star (completed)

Demetrius Russel
Traits: Cheerful, Neat, Bookworm
Aspirations: Fabulously Wealthy (Uncompleted)

Generation 2:


Angel Power
Traits: Art Lover, Good, Creative
Aspirations: Successful Lineage (Complete)

Deandre Small
Traits: Good, Goofball, Loves the Outdoors
Aspirations: Fabulously Wealthy (Uncompleted)

Generation 3:


Cassiel Power
Traits: Squeamish, Creative, Ambitious
Aspirations: Body Builder (Complete), Body Builder (Complete)

Paolo Rocca
Traits: Music Lover, Bro, Active
Aspirations: Body Builder (Complete), Party Animal (Complete)

Generation 4:


Parker Power
Traits: Good, Loves the Outdoors (No third trait)
Aspirations: Fabulously Wealthy (Uncompleted)

Pierre Newton
Traits: Creative, Goofball, Mean
Aspirations: Big Happy Family (Uncompleted)

Generation 5:

08-01-16_3-56-37 PM.png

 Olive Power
Traits: Art Lover, Loves Outdoors, Childish
Aspirations: Friend of the World, Curator, Leader of the Pack, Mansion Baron, Nerd Brain (All completed)

Nelson White
Traits: Self-Assured, Insider, Creative
Aspirations: Chief of Mischief, Nerd Brain (Uncompleted)